Disney 90th Anniversary Edition - Rose Gold

Disney's 90th Anniversary Edition

Play Buddies Collection comprises different Disney characters in a setting that bring customers back to their nostalgic Hong Kong childhood.

In 1923, Walt and Roy Disney signed a contract with M.J. Winkler for distribution of six Alice Comedies for a price of US1,500 a piece and six more at US1,800 a piece, within an option for two more series. It was only a day before on October 15 that Walt had gotten a telegram from M.J. Winkler approving the series. The two brothers started the business and Disney was born.

To celebrate it's Disney's 90th anniversary, we have launched commemorative collectible figures in 4 colors - gold, red, black and rose gold featuring Mickey. 

Each commemorative 3.5" figure measures up to Disney's standards which are produced by Dragon.