Hong Kong Housing Estate comprises a 1/18 scale play set that is much like the set of mass public housing in Hong Kong provided by the Government of Hong Kong. The vast majority of projects consist of high-rise buildings with recent ones that contain 40 or more storeys.

The Hong Kong Housing Estate brings back memories to Hong Kong locals from 1950's onwards who used to live in such Housing Estates or many still do, as almost half of Hong Kong's population are residing in some form of Public Housing.

The series of "Hong Kong Housing Estate" from Hong Kong Heritage Collection best interprets the simple living condition and appreciating the history and culture of Hong Kong.

The release of "Hong Kong Housing Estate" from the Hong Kong Heritage Collection has been widely popular since it's launch. The previous released housing accessories and furniture were the bare basics to each housing unit. To bring each housing unit with more livelihood, new sets of furniture and accessories are now available to further complete your play set that were commonly used in the 19th century.

This product includes a refrigerator, two tin cans, instant noodles, soy milk, ice-pops and home-made popsicles.

All furniture and accessories are be purchased separately (unless purchase whole Hong Kong Housing Estate set).